About Us

About Us

OMEGA MEDICAL Co. established in 2008, is a leading Medical distributing company in Kuwait supplying a comprehensive range of medical and laboratory products. OMEGA MEDICAL Co. as a total healthcare solution suppliers, serves hospitals, clinic & laboratory with a portfolio exceeding 1000 products ranging from medical supplies and hospital equipments and consumer health products.

Based in Kuwait, the company has extensive offices and warehousing facilities in Al-Salmiya.

However the working staff has 15 years of experience in the Medical field specially Gynecology field & strong relationship with all the Aesthetic doctors, Gynecologists, gastroenterologist’s and Pediatricians.

Our Vision

To be a leading name in healthcare field driven by dedication, customer service and determination in order to maintain a stable and financially strong business atmosphere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality solutions for our healthcare customers in partnership with our principals.

Our objective is long-term relationship with our customers, business partners, and employees.

Provide a profitable return to the Company & continuous well-being of our staff.